Tuesday, July 18, 2017


       I swear that I will be my kids cheerleader/ biggest supporter, not only financially, but emotionally,   and psychologically and all the other .....ally. Anyway daddies wouldn't you feel less of a dad if your child has to look up to someone else for fatherly guidance? me I would feel embarrassed not only for me but for my kids and their mom, for letting them down for not been tha MAN.  Mom, mommy, mother you have to hold dad to his responsibility ( it was nice when making the kids,so it should be no different in taking caring of them), after all they are your mini me.
We must support the kids, to help them discover their 🌎,
We must understand the kids, to make communication easier.
We must treat them fairly, so they can master the art of balance.
We must love them unconditionally.
We must teach them the difference between right and wrong .


Monday, July 17, 2017

Dad and the kids

        This is my first post on my new blog...

As a dad, it feel absolutely wonderful to know that my kids look up to me for comfort. I'm there superman, they think I have all the answers to all of life properties, and guess what? I try my best
to show or give them the best answer as I know it.
Been around for more that 40 years, I gathered enough experience and lessons to guide them
until  they can figure out enough of life choices.
Don't get it twisted, this is not about me praising myself, it's about me showing up and taking caring of my responsibility and love doing it, anyway it's all about me playing my part, just like mom, grandad, grandma,aunty,uncle,sister, brother you name it they all have part to play in guiding our kids. As some writer put it "it take a village to raise a child ".