Saturday, August 5, 2017


There is no if,nor but or maybe, 
Can we really expect the kids to perform to their true ability, if we don't treat them right? We as parents have to give our kids the best opportunity to succeed. I don't believe we have bad kids, what we have are bad parents and bad parenting skills, true to the facts, kids really look up to their parents as roll models, so if we the parents are not setting that winning example for them, then we need to start checking ourselves instead of checking the kids.
 Please reward the kids when they perform well that will drive them to do more and become better at succeeding and on the contrary encourage them to do better when the performance is low, I'm begging you not kill them when they failed in some areas,but find ways to build up their weakness, never be afraid to ask or seek help for our kids, remember if you fail to help them, you are pretty much setting them up to fail at life.
'' be careful what you teach the little children,make sure a nuh something to hurt them '' 
                               Tony Rebel.
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                         Your truly,

                          Robert Clarke.