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Thursday, August 2, 2018

My kids look up to me.....: BUILD YOUR KIDS CONFIDENT

My kids look up to me.....: BUILD YOUR KIDS CONFIDENT: Building your kids confident Here are some if things you can do to build your kids confident: . Praise them : praise can be one of the si...

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Building your kids confident
Here are some if things you can do to build your kids confident:

. Praise them : praise can be one of the simplest ways to reinforce your kid good behavior, just don't mix praise with criticism, it will loose it's purpose.

.let them lead: let the kids role play at times that will allowed them to sit on both side of the fence ( teacher one day next day the student).

.Give them age appropriate task.

.Ask them for advice/ opinion;let them know their input is valuable.

.Help them discover their passion/ interest; take them to park ,play different games with them, introduce them to musicals instruments.

.Talk about them with other ppl in their present.

.Surround them with positive ppl; birds of a flock will flock together.

.Create their own wall of fame ; display their awards n certificate to remind them of the great job that they are doing.

.Make special time together; go walking together, watch a movie ,go the park,learn a new language together.

.Let them know u love them unconditionally.

.Challenge them to develop their skills; keep pushing them to the limit, not over the limit.

. Let them be independent n adventurous ; watch them from a distance, travel with them to different place, introduce them to different culture.

Note: Remember that your are the boss.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Summer Time

Things kids can do to make money.
Summer time the kids are out of school,so it is a great time to introduce them to entrepreneurship.
Money. Money, money.
For teenagers:
Finding a summer job may be ideal in gaining some experience for the real world, please check out the locals stores for hiring,also volunteering at the shelters, the community center may be some good ideas.
Below I will list a few things to be consider;
.writing blogs ; for other bloggers
.Baby sitting
. Pet grooming
.Serving foods at events.
.Delivery svc
. Online survey

Here are a few winnings ideas;
. Mowing lawns
. Recycling/ scrap
.make and sell crafts
. Do chores for the neighbors
. Bake sale
. Lemonade stand/ hot chocolate stand
.Car wash
. Garage sale

Younger kids [ 7-11yrs]

.Candy sales
.Mom or dad assistance
. Help clean up after an event
.Feed or walking the pets

These are just a few ideas, search the internet for more great ideas. You can
also leave other ideas in the comment section.
Getting the kids to start saving and managing their money at a young age will be very beneficial for them in the long run. This will also teach the kids the value of working hard and to be responsible while earning money.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


It’s full time we start telling the kids, the truth about Christmas. Kids listen to me ,Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus , there is no where in the Bible that said we must celebrate Jesus birthday on Dec 25 , (parents: show me I will wait.....,,but I can show you in bible where it said not to celebrate the pagan holiday (.1st Corinthians 10 :20-21 ).
 Santa Claus is not real, I think most kids know that by now. He is too big to climb down a chimney or flying around the world on reindeer's.Lol 

See how we lie to our kids about Santa and other stuffs but we expect them to be truthful to us and others.
  We are now living in the Information Age, we can’t fool the kids no more, have you noticed, kids don’t  even question us  no more , they go straight to google, Siri, Alexia etc, or whatever is on their mobile devices, parents we have been replaced in the questioning department.

Back to the topic on hand ‘CHRISTMAS WITH THE KIDS’.
Advice for the parents; just don’t wake and scared the kids by telling them Xmas and Santa is not real, (remember Xmas is suppose to be a magical period),so find unique ways to transform these informations, let the kids know that you are their Santa Claus, that the gifts don’t fall out of the chimney,but you work hard for them ( the kids) so that you can buy the gift they want, and the reason they are getting it , is because you love them and you want to reward them for been such a great kid though out the year.

So the question is : How do we explain the Santa story to our kids?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Back to school ammunition

Yes my people it's that time of the year again when the kids/ grand kids need us the most, please don't let them down.So think of the school as the Army and the kids are the soldiers, can't send the soldiers into battle with inadequate weapons and ammunition,same applies here for our kids, arm them with the school supplies that they need for them to have a successful school year ahead,please don't short changes them at all. Don't let their under performance be your fault.
Ammunition: bags, books, uniforms,pens,pencils,tablets,computer,
foods,good advice, etc.
 After you provided all their education armory, watch them march out on the first day of school and said this to yourself ' there you go my warrior' and when they return from the battlefield, check with them to see if they had enough ammo and if they need replenishment for the next day,for the battle continues,tap them up if necessary.
So this is the time of the year when kids stress out the most, here are some tips to help them cope.
1. Get the kids to bed, sleep and rest is very important.(12hrs sleep is recommended).
2. Listen carefully to them, sometimes kids find it hard to explain themselves
3. Try to identify any stress factor e.g look for red flags like change in behavior.
4. Plan ahead for this week,
Feel free to ask questions or add to this discussion.

                                                                       Yours truly,
                                                         .Robert Clarke

Saturday, August 5, 2017


There is no if,nor but or maybe, 
Can we really expect the kids to perform to their true ability, if we don't treat them right? We as parents have to give our kids the best opportunity to succeed. I don't believe we have bad kids, what we have are bad parents and bad parenting skills, true to the facts, kids really look up to their parents as roll models, so if we the parents are not setting that winning example for them, then we need to start checking ourselves instead of checking the kids.
 Please reward the kids when they perform well that will drive them to do more and become better at succeeding and on the contrary encourage them to do better when the performance is low, I'm begging you not kill them when they failed in some areas,but find ways to build up their weakness, never be afraid to ask or seek help for our kids, remember if you fail to help them, you are pretty much setting them up to fail at life.
'' be careful what you teach the little children,make sure a nuh something to hurt them '' 
                               Tony Rebel.
Until next post, 
                         Your truly,

                          Robert Clarke.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


       I swear that I will be my kids cheerleader/ biggest supporter, not only financially, but emotionally,   and psychologically and all the other Anyway daddies wouldn't you feel less of a dad if your child has to look up to someone else for fatherly guidance? me I would feel embarrassed not only for me but for my kids and their mom, for letting them down for not been tha MAN.  Mom, mommy, mother you have to hold dad to his responsibility ( it was nice when making the kids,so it should be no different in taking caring of them), after all they are your mini me.
We must support the kids, to help them discover their 🌎,
We must understand the kids, to make communication easier.
We must treat them fairly, so they can master the art of balance.
We must love them unconditionally.
We must teach them the difference between right and wrong .


Monday, July 17, 2017

Dad and the kids

        This is my first post on my new blog...

As a dad, it feel absolutely wonderful to know that my kids look up to me for comfort. I'm there superman, they think I have all the answers to all of life properties, and guess what? I try my best
to show or give them the best answer as I know it.
Been around for more that 40 years, I gathered enough experience and lessons to guide them
until  they can figure out enough of life choices.
Don't get it twisted, this is not about me praising myself, it's about me showing up and taking caring of my responsibility and love doing it, anyway it's all about me playing my part, just like mom, grandad, grandma,aunty,uncle,sister, brother you name it they all have part to play in guiding our kids. As some writer put it "it take a village to raise a child ".