Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Building your kids confident
Here are some if things you can do to build your kids confident:

. Praise them : praise can be one of the simplest ways to reinforce your kid good behavior, just don't mix praise with criticism, it will loose it's purpose.

.let them lead: let the kids role play at times that will allowed them to sit on both side of the fence ( teacher one day next day the student).

.Give them age appropriate task.

.Ask them for advice/ opinion;let them know their input is valuable.

.Help them discover their passion/ interest; take them to park ,play different games with them, introduce them to musicals instruments.

.Talk about them with other ppl in their present.

.Surround them with positive ppl; birds of a flock will flock together.

.Create their own wall of fame ; display their awards n certificate to remind them of the great job that they are doing.

.Make special time together; go walking together, watch a movie ,go the park,learn a new language together.

.Let them know u love them unconditionally.

.Challenge them to develop their skills; keep pushing them to the limit, not over the limit.

. Let them be independent n adventurous ; watch them from a distance, travel with them to different place, introduce them to different culture.

Note: Remember that your are the boss.

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