Sunday, July 15, 2018


Summer Time

Things kids can do to make money.
Summer time the kids are out of school,so it is a great time to introduce them to entrepreneurship.
Money. Money, money.
For teenagers:
Finding a summer job may be ideal in gaining some experience for the real world, please check out the locals stores for hiring,also volunteering at the shelters, the community center may be some good ideas.
Below I will list a few things to be consider;
.writing blogs ; for other bloggers
.Baby sitting
. Pet grooming
.Serving foods at events.
.Delivery svc
. Online survey

Here are a few winnings ideas;
. Mowing lawns
. Recycling/ scrap
.make and sell crafts
. Do chores for the neighbors
. Bake sale
. Lemonade stand/ hot chocolate stand
.Car wash
. Garage sale

Younger kids [ 7-11yrs]

.Candy sales
.Mom or dad assistance
. Help clean up after an event
.Feed or walking the pets

These are just a few ideas, search the internet for more great ideas. You can
also leave other ideas in the comment section.
Getting the kids to start saving and managing their money at a young age will be very beneficial for them in the long run. This will also teach the kids the value of working hard and to be responsible while earning money.