Tuesday, December 19, 2017


It’s full time we start telling the kids, the truth about Christmas. Kids listen to me ,Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus , there is no where in the Bible that said we must celebrate Jesus birthday on Dec 25 , (parents: show me I will wait.....,,but I can show you in bible where it said not to celebrate the pagan holiday (.1st Corinthians 10 :20-21 ).
 Santa Claus is not real, I think most kids know that by now. He is too big to climb down a chimney or flying around the world on reindeer's.Lol 

See how we lie to our kids about Santa and other stuffs but we expect them to be truthful to us and others.
  We are now living in the Information Age, we can’t fool the kids no more, have you noticed, kids don’t  even question us  no more , they go straight to google, Siri, Alexia etc, or whatever is on their mobile devices, parents we have been replaced in the questioning department.

Back to the topic on hand ‘CHRISTMAS WITH THE KIDS’.
Advice for the parents; just don’t wake and scared the kids by telling them Xmas and Santa is not real, (remember Xmas is suppose to be a magical period),so find unique ways to transform these informations, let the kids know that you are their Santa Claus, that the gifts don’t fall out of the chimney,but you work hard for them ( the kids) so that you can buy the gift they want, and the reason they are getting it , is because you love them and you want to reward them for been such a great kid though out the year.

So the question is : How do we explain the Santa story to our kids?