Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Back to school ammunition

Yes my people it's that time of the year again when the kids/ grand kids need us the most, please don't let them down.So think of the school as the Army and the kids are the soldiers, can't send the soldiers into battle with inadequate weapons and ammunition,same applies here for our kids, arm them with the school supplies that they need for them to have a successful school year ahead,please don't short changes them at all. Don't let their under performance be your fault.
Ammunition: bags, books, uniforms,pens,pencils,tablets,computer,
foods,good advice, etc.
 After you provided all their education armory, watch them march out on the first day of school and said this to yourself ' there you go my warrior' and when they return from the battlefield, check with them to see if they had enough ammo and if they need replenishment for the next day,for the battle continues,tap them up if necessary.
So this is the time of the year when kids stress out the most, here are some tips to help them cope.
1. Get the kids to bed, sleep and rest is very important.(12hrs sleep is recommended).
2. Listen carefully to them, sometimes kids find it hard to explain themselves
3. Try to identify any stress factor e.g look for red flags like change in behavior.
4. Plan ahead for this week,
Feel free to ask questions or add to this discussion.

                                                                       Yours truly,
                                                         .Robert Clarke


  1. Great advice, children do need the most attention at this time. But let6not leave for just now let it continues onward

  2. Yes �� the of the future are being groomed today so set the example for those who are not sure... ����✊��

  3. More so we give them the love they need after a hard day's work....

  4. Good sound advice Mr. Clarke.

  5. Yes Sir... kids go through so much that we take for granted... from 3 years old all the way to 18 most children go to school none stop and some longer. We have to balance their childhood experience with their studies to reduce the stress they encounter.. You on the right track Mr. Clarke keep it up.

  6. thank for the encouraging words,

  7. Supporting our future generation is what we all should do, however what about the parents or guardians who really want to but simply can't afford it all the time? Just a question as we do have such issues.